Travel light and beautiful!

Sea Sky Designs are made with travel-friendly organic fabrics

We love traveling, but we also know that it can be stressful and uncomfortable. Our wraps and scarves can keep you warm as you travel, and keep you cool when you arrive!

UPF50 UV Protection

Our Sun Wraps and Sun Scarves carves are made from high quality organic cotton knit, that features UPF 50 sun protection.  This makes them ideal for travel!

Beauty with benefits

Your travel wardrobe requires versatile pieces that can be worn in many ways: as a scarf or shawl; as an emergency blanket or pillow; even as a sarong! And they can also protect your skin and hair from sun damage!

We specialize in hand-dyed fabrics with unique color combinations

Sea Sky Designs creates one-of-a kind, colorful, packable accessories for today’s traveler. Featuring sun-safe organic cotton knit hand-dyed fabrics, these pieces are as functional as they are beautiful!

Made with Love in the USA

We’re a small US-based business on the northeast coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. Our designs are inspired by nature and travel-friendly, so you can be sure our accessories will suit your needs wherever in the world you find yourself!

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